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Choose your topic below, the one-off events have more information on some of the new, or larger events happening soon, the "what's on, is mostly edited from the nut tree, and the Deviock Diary dates come from the nut-tree list that helps planning, so events don't get scheduled together too often!

One-Off Events Coming Up Soon

The “New to You Accessories” and “Re-cycle Your Art” Sale is on Sat 27th and Sun 28th September 10.00am-5.00pm in the Village Hall.
Do you want new accessories or artwork, but do a double-take at the price for brand new goods, then come along to the sale, and pick up a great quality piece at a reasonable price.
You could pick up nearly new shoes, handbags, gloves, scarves, hats and belts, or find that piece of artwork for your hall or loo!!Have you got accessories you’ve bought but never worn, or only worn once and realised that they don’t quite fit like you thought they did in the shop, then bring them out of the wardrobe and along to the sale.
What about those kiddies shoes that were worn once at a wedding, or those posh mens shoes that ended up being too tight after more than an hour, or even those ladies heels that were a bit too high, and what about those Christmas slippers that are still in their box!
You could also dig out those masterpieces you no longer hang in your home, and let someone else admire them in theirs.
Just think of the space you could free up, you can release some cash, and someone else picks up a great item.
Art items can include – Oils, Watercolours, Acrylics, Drawings, Charcoals, Limited Editions, Prints, Needlework, Tapestry or any other medium that can be hung on a wall (within reason).
DELIVER ITEMS - 7pm – 9pm on Friday 26th September.
COLLECT ITEMS unsold - 5pm - 7pm on Sunday 28th September.
Hanging fee. Up to 1 ft - £1, then 50p per ½ ft (or part of)) thereafter on longest edge is payable on entry.
Display fee for accessories, depending on item.
A 10% charge will be made on all sales payable after the event.
Forms for entering items in the event can be collected from The Swan Coffee Shop or the Blue Plate in Downderry, and from the Smugglers Inn in Seaton.
Or Contact Bev on 250055

Sept 13th 10.00-1.00pm - Memorial Gardens make-over, volunteers to help please.
Oct 18th - Plant Sale -10.00-noon DD+S Village Hall
Oct 26th - Craft Fair 10-5.00pm - DD+S Village Hall

Whats on in September 2014

Every Wednesday (unless pelting down with rain) at 10.30am, help out weeding, tidying up, planting, at the Butterfly Garden,Seaton, all volunteers welcome .
Bingo every Thursday at DD+S Village Hall, 7.30pm
Memory Cafe, every other Thursday at the Zone. 2.0pm-4.00pm

2nd - Mini beast Safari, Seaton Park 10-12noon
2nd - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am
3rd - Community Bus 25th Anniversary Celebration, D+S Village Hall, 2.45pm, plus bus blessing.
4th- Community Bus to Liskeard, 9.30am
6th - Mobile Library - Inn On the Shore carpark 3.10pm, Seaton 3.25pm
7th - Parish Eucharist Downderry, 9.30am
8th - Community Bus to Saltash, 1.30pm
9th - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am
9th - DD+S W.I. meeting with talk on - Talk "Murder is a fine art" 1.000pm at the Zone
9th - DMC rehearsals start at 7.30pm, St Nicholas Church
10th - DD+S village Hall coffee morning 10.00am-12.00 noon
11th - Community bus to Liskeard, 9.30am
11th - Cornwall Hospic Care Baked Potato Lunch, DD+S Village Hall, 11.30-1.00pm
11th - Deviock Parish Council Meeting at the Zone, 7.30pm
11th- Community Bus to Tavistock, 9.30am
13th - Community Bus to Trago, dep 2.00pm
13th - DD+S W.I. sale at DD+S Village Hall 10-12noon, Cakes, preserves, produce, crafts and Bris-a-brac
13th - DD Memorial garden makeover 10.00-1.00pm, all Voluneteers welcome, tools provided
14th - Holy Communion at the Zone, 6.00pm
16th - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am
16th DD+S W.I. craft group - Light sensitive paper" or work on your own stuff, the Zone, 2.00-4.00pm, all welcome.
17th - Community Bus to Truro, 9.30am
18th - Community Bus to Liskeard, 9.30am
19th - Community Bus Coffee Morning, DD+S Village Hall, 10.30-12.00noon
21st - Eucharist at Downderry 9.30am
23rd - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am
23rd- Deviock Parish Neighbourhood Plan meeting, the Zone, 7.00pm
25th - Community Bus to Liskeard, 9.30am
25th - DD+S W.I. Walk from Lostwithieel, Meet Broads Yard 10.00am, all welcome.
25th- Deviock Parish Planning meeting, (if needed) the Zone, 6.30pm
26th - Community Bus excursion to Totnes and dartmouth and river cruise, depart 9.15am
27th - DD+S Village Hall - Recycle your art and accessoris sale 10.00-5.00pm
30th - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am

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Deviock Diary Dates 2014 - awaiting info

This is an on-line version of the activities that Ron Daniel collates, updated every month, so please keep in contact with him with your changes/additions, and they will then be updated here. Ron is at; If you just think I have made a typo copying this, please contact me on


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