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Boules Piste, Seaton park

Choose your topic below, the one-off events have more information on some of the new, or larger events happening soon, the "what's on, is mostly edited from the nut tree, and the Deviock Diary dates come from the nut-tree list that helps planning, so events don't get scheduled together too often!

One-Off Events Coming Up Soon

4th August 3.00, rememberance of the outbreak of the 1st world war. Memorial gardens
Tue 2nd Sept "Mini Beast Safari" 10.00am-12noon meet by the toilets, Ranger led.
Wed 3rd Sept - Community bus 25th Anniversary party - 2.45pm at the D+S Village Hall

Whats on in August 2014

Every Wednesday (unless pelting down with rain) at 10.30am, help out weeding, tidying up, planting, at the Butterfly Garden,Seaton, all volunteers welcome .
Bingo every Thursday at DD+S Village Hall, 7.30pm
Memory Cafe, every other Thursday at the Zone. 2.0pm-4.00pm

3rd - Parish Eucharist Downderry, 9.30am
5th - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am
7th- Community Bus to Liskeard, 9.30am
8th- Community Bus to Totnes, 9.30am
9th - Remember the Great War. Men of Downderry. 11.00am - 4.00pm at Downderry and Seaton Village Hall
9th - Community Bus to Trago, dep 2.00pm
9th - Mobile Library - Inn On the Shore carpark 3.10pm, Seaton 3.25pm
10th - Holy Communion at the Zone, 6.00pm
11th - Community Bus to Saltash, 1.30pm
12th - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am
13th - DD+S village Hall coffee morning with W.I. stand, Croissants theme, 10.00am-12.00 noon
14th - Community bus to Liskeard, 9.30am
16th - Downderry and Seaton Garden and Produce Open Show, 2.00pm
19th - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am
21st - Community Bus to Liskeard, 9.30am
21st- Deviock Parish Planning (If required) the Zone, 6.30pm
26th - Community Bus to Plymouth, 9.30am
28th - Community Bus to Liskeard, 9.30am
28th - Downderry and Seaton W.I. Walk, meets Broads Yard 10.00am, guests welcome.Kit Hill.
29th - Seaton Valley Moth night 8.30pm
31st - Eucharist at Downderry 10.00am

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Deviock Diary Dates 2014 - awaiting info

This is an on-line version of the activities that Ron Daniel collates, updated every month, so please keep in contact with him with your changes/additions, and they will then be updated here. Ron is at; If you just think I have made a typo copying this, please contact me on


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