Zone downderry

The Zone, Downderry

Downderry working mens club






Downderry and Seaton Village Hall


boules piste seaton park







Boules Piste, Seaton park


butterfly garden seaton

View from the Butterfly Garden, Seaton




Choose your topic below, the one-off events have more information on some of the new, or larger events happening soon, the "what's on, is mostly edited from the nut tree.

One-Off Events Coming Up Soon

October 30th Craft fair, Downderry and seaton Village hall

AUTUMN PLANT SALE is on Sat15th Oct, 10.00am-12 noon,

The CAMP THEATRE is putting on another of their fantastic plays on 28th October

Whats on in Sept 2016

1st - 9.30 Comm bus Liskeard
1st - 7.30pm Deviock PC Parish Plan
2nd - 10.00 Coffee Morning the zone
4th - 9.30 Parish Service St Nicholas Church
6th - 9.30 Community bus Plymouth
8th - 9.30 Comm bus Liskeard
8th - 2.00pm Memory Café The Zone
8th - 7.30 Deviock Parish Council The Zone
9th - 9.30 Comm bus Tavistock
9th - 10.00 Coffee Morning, The Zone
10th - 2.00pm Comm bus Trago
11th - 6.00pm Eve Service the Zone
12th - 9.30 Comm bus Saltash
13th - 9.30 Comm bus Plymouth
14th - 10.00 Coffee Morning Downderry and Seaton Village hall
15th - 9.30 Comm bus Liskeard
15th - 11.30 Hospice Lunch Downderry and Seaton Village hall
16th - 10.00am Coffee Morning The Zone.
18th - 9.30 eucharist St Nicholas Church
20th - 9.30 Comm bus Plymouth
20th - WI Craft - the Zone, 2.00pm
21st - 9.30 Comm bus Truro
22nd - 9.30 Comm bus Liskeard
22nd - 12.45 Garden Project Event The Zone
22nd - 2.00 Memory Café The Zone
22nd - 6.30 Deviock PC Planning
23rd - 10.30 Comm Bus Coffee Morning, Downderry and Seaton Village hall
24th - 7.00 Ninebarrow Concert Downderry and Seaton Village hall
25th - 9.30 Cafe Church St Nicholas Church
27th - 9.30 Comm bus Plymouth
27th - 2.05pm Mobile Library Inn On the Shore car park
28th - .30 Comm bus Liskeard
30th - 9.30 Comm bus St Ives
30th- 10.00am Coffee Morning The Zone
1 Oct - 10.30-1.00pm - BIG Breakfast - Downderry and Seaton Village hall

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