Downderry Shop, Store and Post Office - Your Local Shop

The times are on their door, they can fluctuate, due to the current situation, so please keep yourself updated.

Downderry shop

There are a host of items available at the shop, from the basic milk, bread and papers, through to local produce from Cornwall, such as meat, eggs, cider, ice cream and fruit and veg.
You could try the off licence facility if you fancy chilled beer, or wine, or even something stronger, and medicines if you over-do it!
Everything from cat and dog food, to loo rolls is available.

You get some stamps, or even cash point available at the post office


If you’re feeling lucky, there is a national lottery terminal, and scratch cards….what more can you need!

downderry post office and shop


You can park right outside - very handy to pick up your lottery winnings